Site helps you find rotten neighbors lets you add "rotten neighbors" to a Google map. I see nothing but trouble coming from this.

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Here are a few descriptions that users have written about their neighbors (I removed the names)

hot neighbor, San Diego, CA

hot guy ignores me. i tried being sweet. i tried being assertive. i tried downright full on suduction. he just blows off my advances like he dose not even know i am hitting on him, but really i know he is just mentally torturing me, that is why i am warning you all. i should just get over him but he is sooo hot!

The **** Family, Frisco, TX

**** and **** need to leave Frisco with their tail between their legs. they have caused two homeowners to go into foreclosure because they won't pay the rent. the people have caused many people heartache and frisco would be better off without them. Go back to Tarrant County **** ****!

drug addicts, Akron, OH

a guy named **** lives here with a poor excuse for a spouse & 2 unfortunate children. he's a bad meth abuser & smokes crack. keep your children away from this house

Horrible Neighbors Everywhere, Glastonbury Center, CT

Too many whining and complaining *****y neighbors throughout building. They need to mind their own business and go about their lives… Seriously, if you don't like condo living then get the f— out!

noisey during sex, Honolulu, HI

there is some lady in my building who has loud sex on saturday afternoons. she lives on the pool side of our building and it is embarrassing hearing her loud moans while the kids are down at the pool.

mean old lady with no life!!, Austin, TX

this women has nothing better to do then yell at myself and y famil, thinks she owns the block, tries to get us in trouble with the police, city hall, etc. you name it she has tried it!! the women has no life, hateful, nasty, even does things to little kids!! physco!! we are her whole mission in life and that is really sad!!

home wreaker

a 22 year b**ch lives here, she'll lay down with anyone, especially if he's married, established, and as old as her father. keep clear

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