The Million Zimbabwe Dollar Homepage

Mike says,

I created this website as a parody of the famous Million Dollar Homepage. The Zimbabwe dollar just crashed again last week and, on the black market, you can now get Z$20,000,000 for USD$1 (the official exchange rate is USD$1 = Z$33,000).

I cut prices from 3 cents per 900 pixels to 1 cent per 900 pixels because of the recent collapse. Unfortunately I have to charge an additional Z$1million (US$0.35) per purchase to cover paypal fees.

Update: responding to some of the BB reader comments, Mike adds,

Yes, I
do think the currency of Zimbabwe is a joke – but the suffering of the
Zimbabwean people absolutely is not. If anything, I hope that this raises
awareness and helps to show how ridiculous and irresponsible the government
of Zimbabwe is acting.