ETech phone snapshot: Anil Dash's trusted traveler card

Anil's trusted traveler card (etech)

Click for larger size. I'm at O'Reilly's ETech conference in San Diego, shooting stuff for Boing Boing tv. I ran into my friend Anil Dash from Six Apart (the company that makes the Movable Type platform we use to publish BB). I ogled his Clear card, which he received as a speakers' gift from another event. Later, the BBtv team and I shot a segment about devices that can be used to sniff out and display personal data stored on RFID-embed cards such as this. Schneier has an thoughtful post up about Clear, here.

Please don't flame Anil in the comments, he's not a Clear spokesperson, he was just kind enough to show me the card he received as speaker schwag.

Update: Anil wrote up a review of the Clear card a while back. Snip:

I think any feeling person's gonna have a little bit of guilt using this Clear to skip the security line. There's no more straightforward expression of class inequity than the fact that I can use my disposable income to get treated better in a situation that is mandated and policed by our federal government. We all reckon with these things in our own way, but this falls squarely into the category of things make you confront your privilege in an unsubtle way.