BBC Micro creators reunion tonight at London Science Museum

The London Science Museum will host a reunion for the creators of the beloved BBC Micro at an event tonight. The BBC Micro was a landmark in the evolution of the PC, a public-service computer invented to achieve national computer literacy:

"Acorn and the BBC were very surprised at the impact it had and the interest in it as a piece of hardware," said Dr Blyth, curator of computing and information at the Science Museum.

More than 1.5 million BBC computers were eventually sold; the BBC and Acorn had predicted they would sell 12,000.

"It was a very ambitious project. At the heart of it was education and bettering Britain; and helping us to understand what the computer could do and what you could with a computer."

She added: "I believe the history of the BBC Micro is really a fundamental one to understanding where we are today and explaining the British computer industry and our culture of computing that we have today.

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(Image: BBC Micro, a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike photo from Lord Biro's Flickr stream)