Artist chided for wrapping street art in black cloth

An artist in Wilmington, NC covered up another artist's public sculptures with black cloth and rope as a "prank," and the overseer of the Pedestrian Art program is hopping mad about it.

200803211303 (Wilmington Star-News photo by Amy Hotz)

"It was basically a good-hearted prank," said [Dixon] Stetler, a local artist who has had work on display at the Cameron Art Museum and is known for, among other things, paddling a raft made out of flip-flops across the Cape Fear River.

"We didn't damage anything. It's not an angry thing, it's a funny thing."

"I find it incredibly disrespectful, not only to the artist, but to the Pedestrian Art program and the city," said [Matt] Dols, who has been helping to install sculpture downtown under the Pedestrian Art banner for about two years.