BBtv — Terrorist training video from Soviet Unterzögersdorf

Boing Boing tv received a classified video message from the People's Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf — a message encoded in an almost-obsolete communist LOLcat cypher.

BBtv's terror analysts have decoded this video for you, dear viewer, and we present it in entirety today. Our encryption advisors from monochrom believe the two men in the movie might be His Excellency the Ambassador of the People's Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf – Nikita Chrusov – and secretary Nicolai Jossif Malkin.

WARNING: the last few seconds of this terrorist missive contain not-yet-decrypted data that some viewers may find disturbing. Tighten your tinfoil beanies, and lock down your wigs.

Link to Boing Boing tv blog post, with discussion and downloadable video.

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UPDATE: The Soviets respond. Agent moloshnikov from People's Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf says:

Comrades all over the world!

I still shiver! My heart is filled with universal anger!
Something unspeakable happened!

Again, the mainstream online media outlet "Boing Boing TV" reports about the diplomatic visit of His Excellency Ambassador Nikita Chrusov to the "United States"! Just a friendly vacation trip!
And they label it as "Terrorist Training!"
What an unforgivable insult!