Giant dome made from 1,000 Hula Hoops and cable-ties

Man, this seems like a hell of a good use for a kilohulahoop and a box of zip-ties:

last fall, mass studies architecture studio created a temporary installation for the 25th anniversary of storefront
for art and architecture gallery in new york city. the installation was created from about a thousand hula-hoops
zip-tied together to form a massive dome structure.

now, storefront for art and architecture gallery has teamed up with abitare magazine to bring a new version of
the ring dome to milan for the salone del mobile. this new dome will use 1,500 hula-hoops and 12,000 zip-ties
and will be installed in the galleria vittorio emanuele shopping arcade in central milan. the installation will feature
a series of events including a 100-minute dialogue between hans ulrich obrist, pierre paulin and rem koolhaas
as well as a day's worth of domino-interviews with 50 participants, starting with naoto fukasawa, gaetano pesce
and oliviero toscani.


(via Beyond the Beyond)