Rupert Sheldrake stabbed in leg at conference

Scientist/pseudoscientist (take your pick) Rupert Sheldrake (wiki) was stabbed in the leg while giving a talk on "thought transference" at 10th International Conference on Science and Consciousness at the La Fonda Hotel in Sante Fe, NM. Witnesses said an attendee from Japan seemed to be upset with Sheldrake's remarks, prompting the attack.

David Edwards of Fresno, Calif., said Sheldrake had been talking about how thoughts can be transferred by staring into another's eyes. During the lecture in the main ballroom on La Fonda's second floor, an Asian man left the room and when he returned, he didn't take a seat but stood near the podium with his eyes closed like he was meditating, Edwards said.

The attack came when Sheldrake called for a break about 3 p.m. Edwards said he started to leave the room when he heard a commotion. By the time he looked back, he said, an Asian man was being held on the floor by four people while a fifth held a knife in a napkin. Mecham said the knife was a folding type that hunters typically use.

Edwards said Sheldrake had a 2- or 3-inch cut on the front of his left thigh, just above his kneecap, causing blood to spurt some 8 inches into the air as he lay on his back.

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