Jefferson Muzzles awarded for 1st Amendment jackassery

Waldo Jaquith says:

Remember FEMA faking a press conference? The judge telling a rape victim that she couldn't use the word "rape" in her testimony? The guy who wasn't allowed to have a "GETOSAMA" license plate in New York? The woman who was charged criminally for swearing at an overflowing toilet in her own home? The people responsible for this jackassery are getting their comeuppance, in the form of the vaunted Jefferson Muzzle Awards. This dubious distinction has been handed out annually since 1992, highlighting the nation's most egregious violations of First Amendment rights. Muzzles were handed out to eleven other businesses, organizations, and government entities.

My favorite is the lifetime achievement award for the FCC, "for years of applying inconsistent (if not arbitrary) standards in determining what is 'indecent' on broadcast airwaves."