ONE NATION UNDER CCTV graffito in London

Gerry sez, "At the junction of Eastcastle and Newman Streets in London W1, just north of Oxford Street, there is a large car park for the adjacent sorting office. On a facing wall appeared over the weekend this rather handsome statement.

I passed by on Sunday afternoon and scaffolding was up and shrouded. Now we know why. What's interesting is that the car park is vaguely secure – at least you'd be stretched to put up scaffolding in it without Royal Mail having a say. So they must have had permission to scaffold. Whether they told the Royal Mail what it was for is doubtful, as is whether they have any connection with building this now adorns.

NB – hard to see in my cameraphone snap is the uniformed security guard and dog painted at bottom left – taking a photograph of the kid on the ladder."

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