'Net bullies target Chinese student participants in pro-Tibet protests

Above, a counter-protest by students at Duke University supporting the notion that "Tibet belongs to China, and will always belong to China."

A Chinese student at Duke who participated in pro-Tibet protests on campus — after befriending her Tibetan dorm-mate — has become the target of brutal online and offline attacks. Thousands of nationalist Chinese thugs (some claiming to be Duke students) see her actions as "traitorous," and have threatened her with personal attacks in comment threads and, apparently, in person.

EastSouthWestNorth blog refers to the mob vigilanteism as "China's Human Flesh Search Engine."

Online, the bullies have posted her photograph, her US phone number, Chinese identity card number, her parents' address and home number in China. Offline, her parents' home in Qingdao is said to have been attacked with rocks, and her parents are now in hiding.

John Kennedy of the Global Voices blog has posted some of the comments and threats to her and her family here. (coverage also here, thanks Nick)

In related news, BB reader Matthew says,

On Tuesday, April 15th, Chinese students staged a massive protest against a pro-Tibet rally at UCLA. Here is a translation of the call to arms, as it were. Also pictures and video.

And BB reader Dubi points us to yet another video, in which:

National security advisor Stephen Hadley speaks on ABC about the Olympics and how it relates to the Tibet situation. He calls Tibet "Nepal." The kicker is that George Stephanopoulos does not catch the gaffe even after it is repeated 8 times.

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