HOWTO build a giant D12 to meditate in

From Popular Science's short-lived "groovy" period, this November, 1970 article on constructing your own 12-sided "Meditator":

The fun, then, in making your personal Meditator, is double: First you create 11 pholages (only the access panel is left bare), then discover the unexpected cross-referencing when you wrap yourself in the assembled panels. Beyond that, you'll be able to compare responses with your friends. And when you feel you've exhausted the potential of a given assembly, it's easy to paste new pictures over the old.

I think you'll be surprised by the new perspectives you'll get toward the world about you, and your own part in it. I'll soon be taking the Meditator with me (knocked down, it fits into a station wagon or sedan) on a college lecture tour as part of my demonstration of design technique. Teachers who have had an advance look at the – Meditator feel that–with changeable panels–it could be utilized in schools as a teaching environment. [Editor's note: College groups interested in booking Isaacs to speak should write him in care of Popular Science. ] A breeze to build. When you go to the lumber yard for the 3/8″ plywood, see if they'll saw the 4-by-8 panels in half for you. Four-foot squares are easier to handle.