BB reader: "Two FBI agents just showed up at my door for taking photos in the Port of Los Angeles"

Hal says:

port-la.jpg I thought this would be in the vein of a lot of the "photography is terrorism" posts that have been on Boing Boing lately.

I'm a professional stock photographer, and just this morning, I was greeted by two FBI antiterrorism agents who wanted to question me regarding shooting in the Port of Los Angeles two weeks ago. When I was down there, a private security guard in a pickup truck chased me out of the area and onto the freeway. After he stopped following me, apparently he filed a report with the FBI.

The agents that showed up at my door were at first intimidating, but after they realized I wasn't a threat, we had an interesting conversation about the balance between me doing my job, and them being required to follow up on leads in their job.

I shot an email to Thomas Hawk earlier, he just made a blog post here.