The "Tunstallator": wacky gizmocentric new KT Tunstall video from Chris Bran

Filmmaker and digital designer Chris Bran, who I first encountered in the context of his work with Radiohead (remember the Vapour Brothers "blips" circa Kid A?), has produced a lovely new video for the recording artist KT Tunstall.

About the new video, KT tells Boing Boing…

I think The Tunstallator is genius; I'm a big fan of Chris's
comedy work, and Mr. Fritter seems like a really nice man.
I had an amazing time performing for the video and loved having my
head inside a box for 8 hours.

And Chris says,

KT asked if I could make something for YouTube. I came up with the
obsessive fan idea and went to work. After several visits to my
local hardware store I had accumulated enough wood, sacking, string
and plastic T-rex claws to build 'The Tunstallator'

KT had no idea what I was up to and only saw it when it was
completely finished. She nearly fell off her chair when she saw the
egg whisk/T-Rex claw combo. I took this to be a compliment.

I still have 'The Tunstallator' and spend many an evening
operating it along to both her albums back to back. I think I've
turned into Mr. Fritter (BA/BSc).

"MARVEL at the amazing animatronic wizardry! GASP at the technological stringocity!"