Villagers from three continents will confront Chevron execs at annual meeting

EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn sez,

For about the last 9 years I've been handling a case against Chevron for their involvement in a shooting of unarmed environmental protesters in Nigeria. The case is called Bowoto v. Chevron and it's finally set for trial in San Francisco federal court in September.

Wednesday, May 28 is the 10th anniversary of the shooting and to commemorate it we're bringing our named plaintiff, Larry Bowoto, to California where he'll be addressing Chevron's annual shareholder meeting in San Ramon, held that same day.

Mr. Bowoto will be joined by people from Ecuador and Burma, who are also facing environmental and human rights abuse at the hands of Chevron, as well as activists from Richmond, California who are trying to resist a Chevron proposal to refine dirtier oil at that facility. Outside, a coalition of groups including Amazon Watch are sponsoring a protest.

The website describes the planned activities. We'll also be holding a press conference on Tuesday on the steps of San Francisco City Hall.

The goal of teaming up activists from around the world is to send a message to Chevron that it can't hide the truth anymore of its poor environmental and human rights record around the world.

More information about the Bowoto v. Chevron case is available here


(Thanks, Cindy!)