Steal This Film 2 footage: free, indexed and remixable

Jamie sez, "The League of Noble Peers have been hard at work transcribing STEAL THIS FILM II [a great, remixable documentary about file-sharing and copyright] footage over the last six months, and we're now proud to announce this fully searchable index of the base material from which we made the film. As well as streaming previews, the material is available in HD format under CC-by-SA and we're encouraging people to use it in their own projects.
One other thing to note is the cool underlying search technology, which is based on and"

Steal This Film 2 involved extensive research and numerous interviews. Due to time constraints, every documentary uses of only a small portion of the materials collected. Some interviewees, having been so generous in giving us their time, didn't appear at all in the final cut. In most cases this was simply a problem of being forced to focus in on the points we thought most crucial, and the need to arrange many voices into one argument.

This archive is intended to fulfill three objectives. We want to allow those interviewed the time to elaborate their perspectives in more detail, and to return the segments we selected to the context from which they emanated. We hope that these materials can be useful to those in search of greater detail.

Finally, in the spirit of cooperation and sharing, and by agreement with our interviewees, we are making this footage available to others who want to make films on this subject, and who may not have the resources to travel to and meet these exceptional individuals. We hope the HDV Torrents we have provided are of sufficient quality. If you have any issues, please contact us.

Steal This Film is a work in progress, incomplete, open to contradiction and response. The task of talking back to our point of view is one we leave at the feet of you, the viewers, users and produsers of the film.


(Thanks, Jamie!)

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