Harassed by rent-a-cops in Zurich for photographing soccer statues


Jeffrey Martin says:

I was on my way out of Zurich yesterday, and just had to make a panorama of this giant squad of footballers (some still with missing buttocks - don't worry there's another delivery truck on the way) but I got accosted and harassed by a couple of snivelling beastly rent-a-cops. They touched my camera, they started man-handling me, all of it was completely ridiculous. Any illegal activity was in fact being committed by them. In the name of who you might ask? Adidas, apparently, didn't want any photos of its masterpiece before the 10:00 press conference. Never mind the hundreds of mobile phone cameras snapping away for days, and at the same moment they were pushing me around.... Luckily some real cops came, found the situation to be quite silly, and allowed me to finally walk away without these mean guards putting their hands on me. Thank you, Swiss Police, for protecting me from the Zurich Main Station security guards!