Interviews with Campbell Award nominees for best new sf writer

The John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer is nominated for and voted on by the people who select the year's HugoAward winners. Writers are eligible for two years from their first publication, and the nominees and winners each year are a who's-whom of the most promising talents in the field — one of the finest moments of my life was winning the Campbell at the 2000 Hugo Awards, joining such august company as Nalo Hopkinson, Spider Robinson, Jay Lake and Naomi Novik.

Mary Robinette Kowal, a current Campbell nominee, writes, "In one of the classier moves I've seen, Jon Armstrong, one of this year's nominees for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, is starting a series of interviews with his fellow nominees.

He starts with me and we talk about puppets, NASA and ballgowns. I'm looking forward to his interviews with the other nominees. He's a charming host and his book 'Grey' is well-worth reading."

(Thanks, Mary!)