Astronomical calculations on World of Warcraft

Using a series of ingenious measurement techniques and calculations, James Wallace has calculated the size, gravity, and density of Azeroth — the World of Warcraft. Turns out that although Azeroth is tiny, it has a near-Earthlike gravity, suggesting that it is made of some substance 500 times more dense than the terra.

However, all this assumes that Azeroth is a standard astronomical body, and it isn't. Despite the existence of in-world globes depicting its surface as a sphere, and that anyone standing at the Black Temple in Outland can see a small round planet in the sky that appears to be Azeroth, the world of Warcraft is in fact flat. There is no visible curvature of the world, which is unusual given its small size. Stars do not move across the night sky, indicating that Azeroth is static in relation to the rest of its universe. What's more, dawn happens simultaneously wherever the observer is in the world, and sunset works the same way. Ergo it's flat, albeit populated by a number of misguided "round-earthers". Berks.

Conclusive proof on the matter comes from the research of the Canadian Dr T Paypayaso (I'm assuming from the quality of his research that he has a PhD, plus frankly they're easier to get hold of than parking tickets these days), who has demonstrated by swimming to its edge and jumping around like a prat that Azeroth is (a) flat, (b) finite and (c) rectangular.


(via Oblomovka)