Amazing videos shot with consumer grade HD video cameras

Andrew Heart of Panopticist says:

Amateurs are doing amazing things these days with consumer-grade high-def camcorders, especially Canon's HV30 MiniDV unit (which retails for about $800) and its predecessor, the HV20. [This] impressive clip is the work of a Memphis college student named Kyle Shields, who acquired a new audio library and wanted to test out some of the gunshot sounds.

There's a whole channel on Vimeo devoted to people's experiments with Canon's HV30 and HV20 camcorders.

I like this one. You keep expecting it to be a commercial for insurance or some kind of medicine, but it's a guy trying out his camera techniques on his annoyed wife, who just wants to be left in peace so she can go through the coupons in the Sunday paper. Link