Today on Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets we saw these good-lookin' helmets from Jérôme Coste (which sadly do not include a face mask); an austere camper made from a Unimog; tape that makes perfect garden rows more simple; a Bioshock Big Daddy from scrap metal; the clever hacks of German prisoners; a single drawer which no one else thought was handy but me, apparently; a pocket watch with a gun inside; and a robot that was not a robot.

We got a little preoccupied with videogaming, as is our wont: EA harshing on the iPhone's accelerometer hardware (they're wrong, in my opinion); Sony claiming the PSP is dying because of piracy (here comes the PSPhone!); and a Wired blogger got a little too presumptuous in his Fallout 3 preview for some, although I think he's getting hung out to dry a bit.

John took umbrage with the claim that the mouse is dying and noticed that quad-core laptop chips are coming. Rob noted that a judge isn't having ATI and Nvidia's nonsense about trade secrets and that French women like to use their phones in the bath.

The Japanese did something weird/awesome. (Surprise!) That ripped cord flash drive is now for sale. The saga of an iPhone clone maker continues to be full of pathos. Nerds attacked. Someone put a USB hub in a VHS tape. And I — oh I — I dealed everything that you want me to. Ooh ooh.