Cameraheads in Seattle protest CCTVs in public places

The Camerahead Project is a Seattle protest group upset about the growing prevalence of CCTV cameras there — they're staging a bit of theater tomorrow in Cal Anderson Park, walking around with giant cameras on their heads to get people thinking about what it means to have their public spaces under constant surveillance.

Local artist Paul Strong, Jr. says he's holding the demonstration, called the Camerahead Project, to remind people that video surveillance cameras are recording their every move at Cal Anderson Park and three other parks around town. "The project not only raises the questions of who is watching who and who is watching the watchers, but also … why we are being watched at all," he says. "There is so much going on in the news about wiretapping and data mining, all these little thing that happen locally go right by."

I met Paul at one of my signings in Seattle for Little Brother and loved his camerahead outfit — he says it was inspired by Pablo Defendini's Little Brother poster.