Todd Lappin's Quinceañera ceremony photos


It's hard to argue with Todd Lappin's Cardinal Rule of Elemental Photography:

Photos always turn out much better when you have a camera on hand to take the picture.

No camera? No photo. It's as simple as that. Who knew?

Happily, the solution turns out to be equally simple: Carry a camera as often as possible. Having tried many different makes and models, we tend to favor Casio's Exilim line of ultra-thin, point-and-shoot cameras. Telstar Logistics has owned several Exilims over the years, including the pocket-friendly Casio EX-S600 that's in service with us now.

This Sunday it did what it does best as we were running errands in the neighborhood around our global headquarters. While passing through San Francisco's Mission District under the bright midday sun, we came across a long line of Chevy lowriders idling outside a local church.

It was a Quinceañera ceremony – the Latina version of a sweet sixteen or bat mitzvah – and the lowriders were on hand to let the ladies ride in style. The wee Casio was tucked away in our pocket, so we unholstered it, pressed the shutter button a few times, and let the innate awesomeness of the spectacle do the rest.

Lowrider Love on a Sunday Afternoon (Telstar Logistics)