Poor insulation led to drugs raid on police officer's home

A UK drug squad raided Archibald Buttle's Zally Huseyin's house after a police helicopter taking infra-red videos of the neighborhood revealed the house to be "glowing white hot."
The police wrongly suspected that Huseyin (a police community support officer and mother of five) was growing marijuana in her house. It turns out the house had poor insulation and was leaking heat.

But when embarrassed officers searched Mrs Huseyin's house they found the glowing effect was caused simply by large amounts of heat escaping through the roof.

Mrs Huseyin, who has been a PCSO since March 2007, said: "I was absolutely gobsmacked when I realised the police had come to search my house. When I saw the squad car I thought it was colleagues just popping in for a cup of tea.

"I saw the police car pull up and I knew the sergeant. She recognised me when I answered the door. She was shocked and said three times, 'This is your house?'

"They showed me the footage from the helicopter and I couldn't believe it. They said if I hadn't been in they would have broken the door down to get in."

The Cambridgeshire Police helicopter had been flying over on an unrelated job when its infra-red camera picked up Mrs Huseyin's glowing home.

Poor insulation led to drugs raid on police officer's home (via Arbroath)