Todd Lappin reviews the first class suite of the Emirates A380


Todd Lappin was invited to take a demo flight of the Emirates A380. He took a bunch of photos and wrote about it on his blog, Telstar Logistics.

It was the kind of offer Telstar Logistics cannot refuse: "Please join us for an exclusive opportunity to experience and fly on Emirates' cutting-edge A380 aircraft during a two hour 'demo flight' and reception," they said. So we said, "Sure! Sign us up!"

And away we went. Dubai-based Emirates brought the airline's first Airbus A380 to San Francisco today to provide the locals with a first-hand demonstration of the aircraft's formidable bling. Airbus delivered this A380 less than two weeks ago, and Emirates quickly put it to use as a high-profile billboard to introduce the airline to the American public.

Flight Report: Airborne in an Emirates A380 at SFO

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