HarperCollins' Authonomy — an open slushpile

Kate Hyde from HarperCollins UK sez,

Want to get published?

Or want to make a name for yourself as THE expert and better-than-New-York-Times-critic of Sci Fi books? of Chic Lit? of Memoir? Here's your chance.

After 3 months of private testing, HarperCollins is opening authonomy (the global community site to find/promote new writing) up to a public audience tomorrow and I thought you might like a sneak preview ahead of the others.

With this site, we're aiming to help unpublished authors promote or publish their work, and encourage curious/independent-minded readers to back new writers and become involved in the decision of what finally makes its way to publication, all in ways that haven't been available before now. The hope for us is that authonomy will uncover some writing talent for publishing and also some critical/editorial talents.


(Thanks Kate!)