Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen" sung by octagenerian Aussie ladies

The video above is taken from the exhibition "no future" by Christoph Büchel, at the Sydney Biennale 2008:

'no future' transforms the gallery into a rehearsal space for a punk band of volunteers who are over the age of 80 years. in the space they rehearse the 1977 sex pistol's hit, 'god save the queen', originally called 'no future', which was banned from BBC, but still made its way to the top of the charts despite this. the band gathers for practice and performs in public whenever they please during the gallery's opening hours, during which their sessions are video-taped and recorded and will be released on DVD and CD at the end of the biennale.

christoph büchel at the biennale of sydney 2008 (designboom, thanks Susannah Breslin)
Image: "Lead singer jill mckay practices 'god save the queen' with her band mates photo courtesy of lisa wiltse"