Argument over genital size leaves three killed

A group of gentlemen patronizing a bar in South Africa got into a heated debate about race and penis size. When words failed to persuade either side into conceding to their opponents' view, guns were used, leaving three dead and two injured.

A worker at the bar, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal, said a customer of Indian origin had remarked to a white customer while they were both at the urinal in the bar that his penis was bigger than that of the white customer.

"After both men returned to their friends, the two groups began swearing at each other before the group of five Indian men left the scene and all returned with firearms. They opened fire and three guys died on the spot. The other two were rushed to St. Augustine's Hospital, where I am told they are critical."

Indian-White argument over genitals leaves three killed (via Arbroath)