Indie Band Survival Guide, now in book form!

Thomas sez,

Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan just recently published through St. Martin's Griffin the print edition of their wonderful handbook for indie musicians, The Indie Band Survival Guide. They started the book as a CC-licensed PDF and quickly drew attention from the likes of Billboard magazine, the Associated Press and even Professor Lawrence Lessig (who blurbed the print edition). The dead tree version is considerably expanded and now has a wonderful companion site on which they guys work very hard to add new, free material and keep it up to date and relevant to their fellow indies.

I've talked to Randy and Jason repeatedly on my podcast. They are true do-it-yourselfers and truly grok how giving away their music, and now their book, helps them reach new fans and get their music heard. They strongly embody the same spirit for which musicians like Jonathan Coulton and Brad Sucks are know (both of whom the interviewed extensively for the new book). They've effectively produced a take-along, dog-earable handbook so anyone can follow in these well tread footsteps.

Indie Band Survival Guide

(Thanks, Thomas!)