Open Rights Group call for photos on Britain's march into the surveillance society

Becky Hogge from the Open Rights Group sez,

UK residents, get snapping! The Open Rights Group and No2ID are asking people to take pictures of stuff they see in their day-to-day lives that embodies the surveillance society the UK is turning into.

In two week's time, in a London location TBC, we'll be mosaicing the photos live to make a bigger picture – a picture that shows where incremental infringements of our privacy will eventually lead. Here's what you need to do to get involved:

1. Spot something that embodies the UK's wholesale transformation into the surveillance society/database state. Subjects might include your local CCTV camera(s), or fingerprinting equipment in your child's school library

2. Snap it

3. Upload it to Flickr and tag it "FNFBigPicture" – please use an Attribution Creative Commons license*

4. That's it!

I took my camera on a walk around my local area over the weekend and had taken 30 surveillance society snaps before I'd even travelled 100 yards from my front door…

Capture the UK's database state – community photocall

(Thanks, Becky!)