Adventurer's Club at Disney World closes

The Adventurer's Club at Walt Disney World — a cabaret show/bar augmented with puppeteered robotic masks, stone idols, and random junque — has shut its doors, as part of the shuttering of Pleasure Island (an otherwise lacklustre adult entertainment area with crummy discos and clubs). This was my second-favorite Disney artifact of all time (after the Haunted Mansion ride), and my favorite club in the world. I'm so bummed to hear they shut it down — I hope it re-opens somewhere else soon!

Three UCF students showed up dressed as Pamelia Perkins, Hathaway Browne, and the Colonel. "It's the final night," said Pamelia look-alike Beth Phillips. "We had to do something big." Nathan Kohlun said choosing to dress like Hathaway was easy. "Everyone loves this character, especially the women. It's just all really fun."

About an hour before the doors opened, many of the actors came out in their street clothes to loud cheers. They posed for photos, answered questions, received gifts, and thanked as many fans as they could for their support over the years.

Cassie Cameron, who wore a hand-made Hathaway shirt, brought a snapshot to give to the cast showing her at age 9 in the Mask Room. The now 24-year-old said she's just sad she won't get the chance to bring her own daughter to the Club. "She's three and can already sing the Adventurer's Song and even Toast! I had really hoped to share this with her some day."

Huge Crowd Gives Heartfelt Send-off to Adventurer's Club

(Thanks, Heath!)