Kelly Link's short story collection Magic for Beginners as a free CC download — magnificent, weird, award-winning speculative fiction for free

Gavin sez,

Kelly Link just released her second book, Magic for Beginners, online for
a year under the Creative Commons license. 2 of the 9 stories aren't
included due to contractual agreements but this is huge news because two
giant companies, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (who published it in paperback)
and HarperPerennial (who published the UK edition) have agreed to take a
chance and be a part of the CC movement.

Kelly's first collection, Stranger Things Happen, has been downloaded
60,000+ times since it was put online (and it still sells a couple of
thousand copies a year) and the derivative works include audio versions,
short movies, plays, and even a cello version of one of the stories…!

Kelly Link's stories are some of the smartest, weirdest, freshest material being written in any literary field. The title story is just about the perfect explication of why fandom is so totally satisfying. Two of these stories won a Nebula award in the year of publication — that's half the short story awards to one writer's stories from one book.

This release coincides with the release of Kelly's new story collection, Pretty Monsters, which is every bit as good.

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