Video of a guy implanting an RFID chip into his hand

On his YouTube page, Quethe writes about getting an RFID chip injected into his hand:

I implanted a RFID chip in my hand. I injected the chip myself from supplies bought on the internet. This tag is readable from up to 2 inches from my hand.

I am currently using it to open my handgun safe for instant access. I can have a gun in hand in one second in blackness without fumbling with buttons or codes.

If you are convinced that this is the "Mark of the Beast", then from one Christian to another I hope you read the Book of Revelation and apply more understanding to it that what you hear from those who only offer fear.

The right hand is the action hand (our works) and the forehead is our mind (our faith and thoughts). If the whole book of Revelation is to be understood carnally then I'd suggest we start exploring the ocean for a giant monster.

If you fear government ID tags etc, take a look at Biometrics. Why try to chip people when a machine can identify persons from a distance and without control. These are currently in place in US cities.

RFID is old hat. Just something some Evangelists have used to justify their lack of scriptural knowledge because they are whited seplecures that deny the existence of modern day revelation and prophecy. Learn for yourself.

So if you are telling me I am going to Hell for this, at least read the Revelation of John and pray for understanding.

I will appreciate comments that are sincere or are not knee jerk comments like "Oh my G**! You are going to Hell". The profanity is also not appreciated.

I am not offering advice or giving instruction. I do not recommend this and am not liable. This video is for information only.

RFID Implant in Hand Do It Yourself