Protein sculpture inspired by Vitruvian Man

Angel Of The West

Two years ago, I posted about artist and software designer Julian Voss-Andreae who sculpts protein molecules from a variety of materials and had written a HOWTO on his process. Julian has just completed his largest work and I think it's breathtaking. Titled "Angel of the West," the 12-foot tall metal sculpture will be installed next month at the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida. He sent me an email with background on the piece:

 Angel Vitruvian
(Angel of the West) was inspired by the striking similarity of the human antibody molecule (the key molecule in our immune system) in proportion and function as well: It has 'arms' that grab on to viruses etc. with hand-like region that are highly variable and fit perfectly for each new intruder.

My idea was to use the Leonardo man ('Vitruvian Man', 1490) in the circle, replace the man with the molecule (in my mitered cut technique) and use Leonardo's composition, extrapolated into 3d. To subtly strengthen that connection I made 'rays' under 'wings' that converge visually where the man's head would be.

Julian Voss-Andreae's "Angel of the West"

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