Guest blogger: Dale Dougherty


Please give a warm welcome to our next guest blogger, Dale Dougherty!

Dale is General Manager of the Maker Media, a division of O'Reilly Media. He is the founding editor and publisher of Make and Craft magazines, both of which focus on DIY projects, and the creator of Maker Faire, which showcases creative communities.

Dale has been instrumental in many of O'Reilly's most important efforts, working closely with Tim O'Reilly to establish O'Reilly as a leading technical publisher. An early Web pioneer, Dale was the developer and publisher of Global Network Navigator (GNN), the first commercial Web site launched in 1993 and sold to America Online in 1995. Dale was developer and publisher of Web Review, the online magazine for Web designers from 1995-1999, which was sold to CMP in 1999. He developed the Hacks Series of books in 2003, which includes the bestselling Google Hacks and Excel Hacks. He coined the term Web 2.0 as part of developing the Web 2.0 Conference.

In its fourth year, Make Magazine has a paid circulation of 110,000. It is the leader of a new DIY technology segment that includes hobbyists and enthusiasts and increasingly a growing number of teens. Craft, in its second year, has a circulation of 40,000, and combines traditional low-tech with new ideas and new technologies. Both are family-oriented publications.

Maker Faire in its third year has become the largest technology-oriented consumer event in America, a celebration of the DIY mindset and creativity. The most recent Maker Faire in the San Francisco Bay Area attracted 65,000 people over two days.

He lives and works in Sebastopol, California.