Science fiction and fantasy from the Philippines

The Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler is a free online anthology of science fiction and fantasy from the Philippines. I've just skimmed the stories, and they're pretty fascinating and often good. From Khavn De La Cruz's "The Family That Eats Soil":

"Soil again," groaned Baby, who was turning one on Saturday. "Soil for breakfast, soil for lunch, soil for dinner. Soil for snacks. Don't tell me we'll be having soil on my first birthday." "There, there, child," said Mother. "I promise we won't have soil." "What then?" "It'll be a surprise." The words were barely uttered as Baby's face lit up while munching on stewed soil.


"Aaaah! Aaaah!" In a dark alley in Suburville, the eighth teenager was having his way with Sister who was as beautiful and frigid as a mannequin while being recorded on video by the next kid in line. "Aaaah! Aaaah!"


"Please pass the fish sauce," said Father. Someone passed the fish sauce. Still, Father thought, he hadn't gotten it. So he went to the sea and caught some fish and fermented it until it because fish sauce. Father's finally happy. No thanks to his good-for-nothing children.

Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler

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