India: 80+ Reported Dead, 200+ injured in Bombay Terror Attacks

Just spotted on Twitter (search: mumbai or #mumbai) and via chat sessions here in the Boing Boing tv studio: Attacks in Bombay (NYT), and here's a snip from the Times of India report:

Terrorists struck at India's financial capital late Wednesday night as at least seven near-simultaneous firings and explosions rocked areas in the vicinity of posh hotels in South Mumbai, leaving ten persons dead and several injured. ( Watch )

Armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades, a couple of terrorists entered the passenger hall of crowded Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal (CST) railway station and opened fire.

Ten people were killed in firing at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) station, police said. Over 30 people were injured in firing at CST, a senior police official said.

Director General of Police A N Roy said at least two terrorists were holed up inside the Oberoi Hotel where firing was on.

Three people, employees of Taj Hotel in South Mumbai, were killed after being fired upon by terrorists and an equal number of people died in a bomb blast in a taxi at Dockyard Road.

The best live streaming TV coverage I've found is on CNN-IBN (CNN's partner in India). I'm watching the stream now, as I type. Mumbai Metblogs has a post up, I'd imagine they'll be posting more.

One of the BBtv crew members is from Bombay, and I think he looks to the Times of India for breaking coverage of events such as this — looks like they already have a lot of news online. Neha Viswanathan at Global Voices has a comprehensive roundup of what's happening (thanks, joncamfield). Toronto Globe and Mail coverage here. (thanks, howlabit). Al Jazeera's coverage is here.

A number of independent blogger/journalist types in Bombay right now are posting a lot of updates to Twitter, someone just recommended Dina Mehta, another points to Karishma, both of whom are near the attack site. Noah Shachtman at WIRED has a post up here. There is a very well-constructed Wikipedia page evolving here.

PHOTO: A blogger named Vinu in Bombay is uploading photos of damage from the attacks, including the image above; more photos are being uploaded as I type this post (thanks, Maurice Reeves).

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