BBC episode rescued by illegal home taper — the sort of thing the Beeb is stamping out with DRM

Mark sez, "A nice bit of copyright hypocrisy for you. It's a story on the BBC website about an upcoming broadcast of an episode of Dad's Army that was thought to have been lost.

The original soundtrack had been erased by the BBC, but a radio presenter made his own recording of the episode and kept it for 30 years. The show's producers are thrilled to have found a good quality copy of the recording.

The irony is that, as you know, UK law only allows 'home taping' for temporary 'time shifting'. Certainly not for creating a library of recordings lasting 30 years.

With their DRM-encumbered iPlayer and other efforts to prevent 'copying', it's even less likely that there will be any duplicate discoveries 30 years from now."

'Lost' Dad's Army show back on TV

(Thanks, Mark!)