Boing Boing Video: Concrete TV, Vintage '80s Video Mashup Art.


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Today's episode of Boing Boing Video is an excerpt from Concrete TV, a long-running NYC public access show and video art project that remixes vintage television, movie, and "found video" clips in a non-narrative collage form. The resulting remixes are set to music, and create an experience that is alternately hypnotic, dreamy, and disturbing for the viewer. A DVD retrospective of 18 long-form Concrete TV episodes is available for purchase online, with "over 9 hours of sex, art, and violence." Special thanks from Boing Boing to Ron "Concrete Ron" Rocheleau, the creator, director, and producer of this legendary video art project. More info and DVD purchase links here, site contains some NSFW content (we've edited this Boing Boing Video excerpt to remove sexually explicit material, but there are some scantily clad hotties dancing around).