Giant graphite sculpture/pencils in the shapes of iconic weapons

AS Batle, who makes gorgeous graphite sculptures that double as huge pencils that last for eight years, has a new line of tools in the shape of iconic weapons. Noah sez, "They're really gorgeous and have a unique poetic/pacifist bent: the more you draw or write poetry with them, the more they transform from weapon to art."

The newest line in this series features weapons: a 30mm shell, and AK-47 and "Little Boy" the bomb dropped over Hiroshima. The text on the box reads: "This [weapon] will change into words and pictures with normal use. To begin, place [weapon] in hand as if it were a pencil. Drag [weapon] across paper until poems and drawings appear. Continue using until [weapon] disappears."

The "hand" designs are cast from his young son's own hands and are the most remarkable thing to hold and draw with. Available in right- and left-handed models.

A. S. Batle Graphite "Pencils"

(Thanks, Noah!)