Downloadable Soundtrack for a Book: How to Break Bad News

Eric Steuer (who you may know as creative director of Creative Commons), writes in with news about a personal side project he's been working on that launched this morning.

My friend Tim Molloy and I put together a soundtrack for Tim's new novel, "How to Break Bad News" (Virgin Books), which is about a reporter who goes undercover at a fast food restaurant chain to expose labor abuses – but then finds he prefers working there to being a reporter.

The soundtrack is being distributed for free by RCRD LBL and features 14 tracks by acts like Dirty on Purpose, Sam Champion, Michna, and CoCo B's.

It's all here: "How to Break Bad News" soundtrack.

There's a soundtrack release party at Hugs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Thursday. Tim will be reading from and singing copies of the book, while the guys from RCRD LBL will DJ sets that include songs from the soundtrack.

Embedded soundtrack below, but you'll want to visit the rcrdlbl post for all the project details.