Scambaiter takes on the "United Nation Money Laundering Association"

Rufus sez, "I got a 419 Scam email that was so funny I had to respond.

It was from the UN Money Laundering Association of London, NY.

I've posted the first of many absurd back and forth emails about Laundering Request Requisition Forms.

My address is 123 Sillypants Way, I blamed my delays on being attacked by natives and they don't miss a beat."

I am Mr. Rod Smith, a secretary from United Nation Money laundering Association here in London. We discovered that you needed a financial help and support to achieve your goals for establishing goods Business opoortunities like building of Factories, Estates, Hospitals or more other business opportunities that can yield much money here in europe.

Here is the door open for you for laundering to any amount of money that you needed or desire to achieve your goals and expectations, because our main motives and aim is to make less priviledge and the rich once becomes more successful in life.

Best Spam Ever – part 1

(Thanks, Rufus)