Rock Stars on Drugs

RU Sirius has a new book out, titled Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars On Drugs. Judging by the excerpt on 10 Zen Monkeys, the book seems to be filled with gossip, debauchery, and shock… as any good rock-and-roll book should be. From the post, titled "Eight Druggiest Rock Star Stories:"


Blood of the Stooges

In 1969-1970, Iggy Pop and his seminal proto-punk band the Stooges lived together outside Detroit in a house they nicknamed "Fun House." (They also named an album for it.) Besides writing and recording music, they were injecting massive amounts of drugs, mostly heroin. When setting up a hit, the Stooges would squirt the blood out of their syringes and shoot it all over the walls and ceilings. After a while, enough blood had accumulated on the apartment's walls to create a sort-of degraded smack addict's Jackson Pollock mural. Ron Asheton, the only Stooge member who was not a junkie and who lived elsewhere, described it "…a lot of times there would be fresh stuff. Then it would dry on to the table or on the floor…. I wish I was smart enough to take pictures of it because it would have been a masterpiece."

But Why Is Elton "Still Standing?"

In his mid-1970s heyday, Los Angeles declared "Elton John Week." To celebrate, the glam rock pasha invited his relatives out to L.A. to celebrate. Allegedly, Elton took 60 Valiums, jumped into a hotel pool, and shouted, "I'm going to die." His grandmother was heard to comment: "I suppose we're going to have to go home now."

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