It's Useful to Have a Duck/It's Useful to Have a Boy: great board-book tells the story from two points of view

It's Useful to Have a Duck is the English translation of the delightful Spanish kids' board-book "Tener un patito es util," by Isol. It's an accordion-fold book that you can read from either end — read from front to back, it tells the story of a boy who found a rubber duck that he loves but uses roughly, sitting on it, drying his ears with it and leaving it in the plug-hole when he's done with his bath. Read back to front, though, the story becomes "It's Useful to Have a Boy," and it tells the same story from the duck's perspective — the boy "rubs my back," "waxes my beak" and when its all done, the duck finds "my little sleeping hole."

It's a really sweet little story with great illustrations, and it's also a fine example of empathy and seeing the other side of your actions. A great board-book for fat-fingered toddlers!

It's Useful to Have a Duck