Open Video Conference, NYC Jun 19-20

Dean from the Participatory Culture Foundation sez,

In less than five weeks, the first ever Open Video Conference is happening in New York City (June 19-20). It will address issues surrounding free speech, innovation, and the future of cultural engagement in video.

What's up: Internet video is approaching a major crossroads. The terms of cultural engagement and free expression are being set: will we have a permissive media ecosystem that allows widespread participation, or will we continue in a tradition of consolidated media empires? A number of legal, technological, and business challenges could keep the medium from reaching its full potential. Open Video is the movement towards a more open, democratic, and decentralized video environment, one that highly values innovation and free speech.

Speakers include: BB's Xeni Jardin, NYU's Clay Shirky, DVD Jon, Lizz Winstead the co-creator of the Daily Show, EFF attourney Corynne McSherry, and lots more! Also participating are hackers from free and open source software projects, including: Firefox, VLC, GStreamer, Xiph/Ogg/Theora, Miro, Boxee, Cinelerra and many more. See the full lineup here.

Registration is filling up fast, so make sure you sign up soon!

Open Video Conference

(Thanks, Dean!)

(Disclosure: I am proud to serve as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for the nonprofit, charitable Participatory Culture Foundation, the hosts of this conference)