Candyfab 6000: latest rev of 3D sugar-printer

Evil Mad Scientists Lab has a new iteration of their sugar-based 3D printer, the CandyFab 6000! This is my favorite 3D printing concept, bar none. Demented and sweet!

It's a brand new CandyFab– still in beta. A clean break, designed from the ground up with almost no parts in common with the original, the CandyFab 4000. All new mechanics. All new electronics. All new software. Smaller but still big: the build volume is more than 10 liters, but it's now small enough to fit on a desk top…

The new modular electronics control platform is called Zuccherino– that's italian for "Sugar cube." One Arduino-compatible circuit board per axis. (Our prototype above shows X,Y,Z, Heat, and Air axes, plus a master board.)

It's an expandable system for all kinds of motion control projects, and we'll be making kit versions of all of the Zuccherino boards later this summer.

We've also got new cross platform control software — called CandyFabulous underway, and it's looking sweet.

The CandyFab 6000

(via Make)