Free sample from SECRET HISTORIES, monster annotated Tim Powers bibliography

PS Publishing recently released Secret Histories, a massive, ambitious, 600-page annotated bibliography of the work of Tim Powers: science fiction writer, Philip K Dick protege, and all-round swell fella. They've put a PDF excerpt on the web for free:

We're so proud of Secret Histories that we want everyone to know what it's like. So we've made up a 24-page high resolution sampler PDF file that you can download for free.

It includes a chunk of the bibliography section that lists every edition of Powers' seminal The Anubis Gates, as well as China Mieville's tribute to the novel, examples of Dick Berger's exclusive artwork, excerpts and notes and doodles by Powers himself, and much more – and it still represents just a fraction of what the book itself contains.

FREE sample excerpt from Secret Histories

10.2MB PDF excerpt

(Thanks, Paul!)