Zombie haiku contest winner!


Last week we held a contest for the best zombie-themed haiku. It was very hard choosing a favorite, because most of them were really good!

The winning entry was penned by vekuum:

You lopped off my arms!

Thanks, now I can squeeze through your

Windows at night. Yum!

Vekuum wins the game of Plants vs. Zombies, plus a copy of Ryan Mecum's book Zombie Haiku (shown above).

Here are the runners-up (sorry, no prize):

Gray rain falling down

Neighbors becoming Zombies

in cold October

— billstewart

Brains are like candy,

sweet grey matter slips through lips,

My arm just fell off.

— slida

The radio told

me that I would be safe here

Crowded Stadium

— apocalypticbeef

Though dead, it lives on.

Zombie? Brain-eating corpse? No:

General Motors.

— andyhavens

Budget for plastic

guns, pasta guts, Wilhelm scream,

is budget enough.

— bookninja

crunching through his brain

I realized I no longer cared

whether he loved me

— victriviaqueen

Within the coffin

the cry came from a dead man



Groaning getting loud

Barricades won't hold for long

Nice knowing you all

— necorium

Thanks to everyone for playing!