New Jersey police officer enjoys clubbing man for complying with another officer's request to zip his sweatshirt


The CNN video shows a man standing on a street corner in Passaic, NJ. According to the story, a police car drove next to the man, and one of the officers instructed the man to zip up his sweat shirt (Apparently the police officer decided it was OK to abuse her authority to enforce her personal dress code on the man). The man complied with the request immediately and another officer jumped out of his car and ran to the man and proceeded to beat him senseless.

Imagine what officer friendly would have done to the man had he refused to zip his sweat shirt!

After the incident, police locked Holloway in a holding cell for the night and did not provide treatment for his injuries, according to Holloway's attorney, Nancy Lucianna. Those injuries included a torn cornea and extensive bruising to the left side of his body, she said.

The Passaic Police have filed three charges against Holloway: resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and wandering for the purpose of obtaining controlled dangerous substances.

The man, 49-year-old Ronnie Holloway, is mentally challenged. His attorney says his client's neighborhood walks are a "chief pastime."

New Jersey police officer pounds man on tape (Via The Agitator)