Guest bloggers: Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras

Meet our new guest bloggers for the next two weeks: Joshua Foer and Dylan Thuras!

Joshua Foer Pic
My name is Joshua Foer. I'm the co-creator of the Atlas Obscura, along with Dylan Thuras. More about that soon… By day, I'm a freelance science journalist with an interest in Boing Boingish kinds of subjects, like lightning strike survivors, amnesiacs, brain-computer interfaces, photographic memory, micrographic writing, insane fictitious Texans, and the Bosnian "pyramids" hoax. I'm also the secretary of the Athanasius Kircher Society, which has been on a bit of an extended hiatus recently. My main project right now is finishing up a book about the 2006 United States Memory Championship. It'll be published next year.

Dylan Thuras Pic
My name is Dylan Thuras. I'm a film maker and world traveler in search of the weird and curious across the globe. I recently spent a year living in Budapest and traveling throughout Eastern Europe seeking out the obscure and wondrous, much of which is documented on I also run and write the travel and curiosities site along with my co-author and soon-to-be wife Michelle Enemark. I'm currently working on a short documentary about wax anatomical models and the history of dissection, a graphic
novel about the London beer flood of 1816, and many other foolish projects. I'm also thrilled as punch to be blogging on a site of which I have long been a great admirer.